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Who Needs Bodywell


Hair, nail and beauty salons, aesthetics centers, independent professionals and more.

You - create beauty and work with a client.

Bodywell - creates an appointment, register a new client and make a payment.

Records sold products and services.

Makes your hands free while managing your business.


Physicians, medical centers, alternative health care centers, dental clinics, veterinary and more.

You - care of the health of your patient.

Bodywell - cares of the patient's file, history of treatments, visits etc. Creates Patient Card.

Bodywell - cares of your business finances, products, staff and more.


Fitness, yoga, pilates studios, martial arts centers and more.

Your - perform exercises for your visitors.

Bodywell - performs control of visits, memberships and subscriptions.

Bodywell performs control and management of your clients, finances, staff and more.


Any kind of school for adults and children.

For independent Counsellors, Monitors, Teachers and more.

You - give classes or advice, teach your favorite Courses.

Bodywell - gives control to students subscriptions and amounts of visitors on the class.

Gives control to payments, finances and your collaborators and more.

What Bodywell Does For Your Business


Front Desk

Makes management of the sessions easier and significantly saves your time.

Organizes your workplace and shows to you all the important tasks on the one screen.

You always know what's on your schedule.

You create and book sessions, sell products and add clients on one screen.

Shows you sessions in the process and in those pending which helps you to prepare.


Calendar / Session schedule

Organizes and plans your work hours.

Helps you create and manage appointments in few clicks.

Let you instantly book a session and select an available professional.

Сreates an appointment a Card for new client simultaneously.

Checks out held changed or canceled sessions.



Let you plan and manage your Finances.

Records your incoming and spending.

Makes records of all sales to each client.

Can create the transaction and the payment at the same time.

Can handle an amortization and helps to produce accounts.



Let you see the current situation of your business clearly, analyze results and plan your future development.

Provides analysis of your business results according to financial accounts.

Analyzes you Client Relation on the basis of changes in the number of new clients and renewals.

Makes the analysis of magnets of attraction for new clients.

Identifies leaders among your professionals, services or sales.



Let you set team goals and lead and motivate your staff in the right direction.

Organizes personal information on your employees and collaborators.

Records all appointments, sessions and sales made by particular specialist.

Identifies leaders of sales or services.

Helps to manage the salary calculation (coming soon).



Constantly improves your Client Relation.

Records all necessary personal information about Client and magnets of attraction.

Shows to you the history of all visits and purchases.

Creates individual notes for each Client as clinical records or for the other needs.

Provides client card and an immediate access to the file of the client.


Сlasses and Passes

Let you create your own schedule classes, courses or sessions.

Class or sessions schedule designer.

Online booking and payments for clients.

Creation of "black list" (for example when client is regularly not shown).

Subscription designer with clear parameters that you create and set.


Mailing list

Let you keep in touch with your clients when you are busy.

Creation and sending notifications about upcoming classes or sessions for registered clients.

Creation and sending notifications about cancellations.


Online booking

Concentrate on your professional development and let Bodywell work with a client for you... instead of you.

Let your client create and cancel sessions online.

Let your client book or cancel their registration for the group activities.

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We are keeping touch with the representatives and ambassadors of that kind of service industries and trying to satisfy the important tasks of those types of business.

If you are from the fitness industry and did not find an option which is essential let us know please.

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Organize and manage your business with Bodywell

Bodywell manages most important processes of your business. The automatic analysis of the current situation simply and fast gives an opportunity to be aware of the weaknesses and strengths of your business.

Bodywell manages your business routine. For example, simply and fast create an appointment or accept a payment etc, that helps you save your time.

Bodywell analyze results of management and marketing. We created algorithm that helps efficiently use your resources and investments and gives you competitive advantages.

Bodywell can replace receptionist. If you are working without reception the software saves your working hours by simplifying and organizing your business processes.

60 Days Consultancy Support

Offer available until 1 march 2019

Create an account and get access to the group of consultancy support

Get 60 days of consultancy and ask us about the organization and management of the important data of your business.

Grow Management and Marketing of your business by receiving clear recommendations based on an analysis of your business results.

Built your Client Relation on the basis of their needs.

8 hours 5 days pour a week you can ask our support group all type of your questions about Management, Marketing, Finances, and Client Relation and get a personal advice.

If you just open your business - create an account Bodywell now and Start to Manage and Grow your business from the roots.

If you already a long time on the market and looking for an instrument which can help you level up your results - create an account Bodywell and start to grow!


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You are an owner of an interesting business B2C or recognized Individual professional (hairstylist, nail stylist, beautician, coach etc) and you want your business to level up, become Ambassador Bodywell and get what you need!


All types have a 15 days free trial period.


For professionals who work independently with a location or without.

€ 10 / month.


For business owners or enterprises which have one location, employees or collaborators.

€ 35 / month.


For business owners and enterprises which have 2-4 locations.

€ 75 / month.

Bodywell reserves the right to change prices

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?

We give you the opportunity to try all of the features and functionalities we have to offer risk-free. No payment information is required to create a trial account.

What happens when my trial ends?

Just before your trial ends, you will receive a notification. To continue using Bodywell, you be given several payment options to set up a subscription. After the trial period, accounts without a subscription are deactivated by the system, but you can always reactivate your account by subscribing.

What kind of things Bodywell can do? Can I get a Demo of that software?

You can get an opportunity to manage your business by using Bodywell platform for free during the 15 days trial period. Create an account, create your company and start to work with Bodywell. At the end of the trial period, you can decide on the importance of subscription.

Shall I install the software on my computer?

Bodywell is a cloud service which is not needed to download. To start you connect to the internet and create an account, that is enough.

I don't have a computer can I use Bodywell?

If you don't have a laptop you can use your smartphone. Bodywell mobile version let you can create an account and work when you are online.

Why enter information about sessions, payments etc in the real-time is important?

Bodywell has special algorithms that organize management, analyze marketing and record finances of your business according to particular standards that level up your business processes.

You just have to fill all tables and windows of Bodywell to let those algorithms work for you.

How ca I change my subscription?

Bodywell is created for different types of businesses.

Individual professionals require fewer functions than enterprises with several locations.

When you grew from individual professional to a small business owner or an enterprise with a few locations you can change your current subscription for a more suitable one.

You can always change form one type of business account to the other type on the subscriptions page or settings of your Bodywell account.

I have a dental cabinet do you think I can use this platform for organizing and managing my business?

Yes, definitely you can. Bodywell is good for the many businesses where we have Clients or Patients, Sessions or Treatments which require a schedule. In your account, you create your own services or treatments. You create your schedule and schedule of your employees or collaborators. You create individual Clients or Patients Cards.

You own company creation process is fascinating but very simple at the same time. Start and see for yourself after free trial 15 days period how efficient it is.

Still have a questions?

For more information and support about features, creation account, payments and other of this software contact us.